About Eileen

When you work with me you get ME, not a trainee or an associate. When it comes to entrusting sleep solutions with an expert – experience matters and someone teaching their own method matters most.

Eileen Henry, RIE® Associate is a pioneer in creating a non industry of what is now called “child sleep consultant “. For over 15-years she has helped thousands of families find sleep success.

I am my clients. Sixteen years ago I started each night in despair as I walked my baby to the bedroom and into what I knew would be a sleepless night. My program was born out of that moment and my RIE® training. By the time my second child came along I had built the foundations of what has become Compassionate Sleep Solutions.

My solutions are unique and will transform your experience with sleep and common behavioral issues in the early years of development.

Every family has different goals in sleep. My expertise is in assessing if your goal is in line with your child’s capabilities and getting you into a plan of action.

My goal is to co-create the best emotional and physical environment for sleep success for your entire family.

Sleep is the side effect of what I offer parents.

Understanding the Compassionate Sleep Approach can transform tears.

Learn if what you are doing to reduce crying could be creating more tears.

My Super Powers.

• Understanding developmental readiness.
• Understanding the challenges and accentuating the advantages at each stage of development
• Re-framing problems and offering more elegant solutions.
• Seeing patterns and predicting outcome.
• Optimizing what you are already doing well.
• Understanding Attachment theory and strengthening healthy attachment.
• Understanding brain development.

The Compassionate Sleep Solution Supports

•reliable sleep
•reliable parental sanity
•nurturing parental confidence
•nurturing every individual’s well-being
•increased peace of mind and family harmony
•the couple’s intimate relationship
•parental intuition and knowing what is best for YOUR child

Mission Statement

Strengthening bonds and creating more honest relationships between parents and children.

Teaching Parents and Professionals in the Community

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

• Boulder Community Hospital
• Mapleton Pediatric Rehabilitation
at Boulder Community Hospital
• Good Samaritan Hospital
• Avista Adventist Hospital
• Lutheran Medical Center


• Roy Steinbock, M.D., Mindful Pediatrics
• Jill Kamon, M.D., Pediatrician
• Janet Legare, M.D., Pediatrician
• Dr. Diana Tanney, M.D., Pediatrician
• Jana L. Wynett, M.D., Pediatrician
• Zara Gershberg, M.D., Family Medicine


• Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Avista Adventist Hospital, Lactation Consultation
The Mama’hood
• Elevating Childcare www.janetlansbury.com
• Feather Berkower, Parenting Safe Children

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