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Her approach is unique and as you can see from the polarized reviews, has inspired strong feelings. Strong feelings and emotions are her specialty and a natural part of parenting, change and learning new habits.

Crying is often part of the strong feelings expressed by both the child and the parent. Supporting parents, in supporting their child’s regulation, is an ongoing solution in early development. Responsiveness is key and Eileen’s knowledge of Attachment Theory  and Regulatory theory is extensive and the foundation of her sleep program.

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Eileen’s take on new SIDS recommendation: Click HERE or on image to view!

Sleep specialists respond to the AAP’s recent announcement that infants should roomshare with parents for a full year. For more data and information on these topics please visit my blog posts.

  1. Is Your Baby At Risk?
  2. Does the New Recommendation Apply To You? 


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compassionate sleep solutions infant sleep coach

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Understand how development affects sleep at every stage. Learn helpful tools and strategies for getting better sleep for infants and toddlers.

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compassionate sleep solutions infant sleep coach

Compassionate Sleep Solution – Four part video

Learn more about my sleep program and process of getting your family the healthy and dependable sleep you deserve.

1) Introduction to Compassionate Sleep Solutions
2) Struggle and Development
3) Struggle versus Suffering
4) The Sleep Plan

compassionate sleep solutions infant sleep coach

“The Shut-Eye Saint” Denver’s Channel 7 News

“If one Boulder baby sleep seminar is any sign, more and more new parents are seeking salvation. Moms packed into The Parenting Place to get advice from the shut-eye saint.”