Top Questions

#1: Crying

Cry it out  is unnecessary and unacceptable to most mommies. CSS is a highly responsive and connected approach. It does not matter how many times the parents go in to offer support and reassurance…it is WHAT they do when they get there. I offer skills for WHEN to go and WHAT to do!
This is different with each child and depends on several factors. In general parents see improvement (with night sleep first) in a few days. Naps take longer and this is where most parents need support. However, if crying persists there are alternate solutions that may slow down the process but will eventually achieve the same result…PEACEFUL SLEEP!
YES, there is an easier softer way. The more gentle and incremental approach can take longer and depending on many other factors,  it can actually prolong crying. Babies cry to create consistency. In my experience there are two ways to stop the crying. 1. Consistently fix the child’s sleep (rock nurse, walk, drive, etc.) 2. Consistently stop fixing the child’s sleep.  I teach parents how to stop fixing it and how to calm the crying.

#2- Current Sleep Issues/Problems

If we look at sleep associations and sleep crutches as habits, then growing out of it is not likely. A simple definition of habituation is, getting better at it or getting stronger. Based on this definition it makes sense that we tend to grow into habit rather than out of it. Good news! In human years your child’s habit is not that ingrained. With your help and mine, you will see improvement fairly quickly.

#3 Do I need a Sleep Package or Sleep Plan?

If you want to get on the right track from the start. I recommend The Deluxe Sleep Plan or the VIP. The Standard Sleep Plan can be enough but you will likely need support down the road of development.

IF you have been “putting your baby to sleep” since birth by nursing, rocking, walking, using any other “sleep crutch” to fix the “falling process” – I recommend at least the Standard Sleep Plan or the Deluxe Sleep Package.

One of my specialties is anxiety. I work with many therapists and many parents who struggle with mood disruptions/disorders. What will serve you most is support. I recommend the VIP package. If not you will want The  Deluxe Sleep Package or the Standard Sleep Plan plus support.

IF you have tried another sleep consultant, tried Cry It Out or any other method and ended up going back to fixing your child’s sleep – I STRONGLY recommend The Standard Plan PLUS support, the Deluxe or VIP Sleep packages.
Twins and multiples  – The Deluxe package, VIP Package or Standard Sleep Plan PLUS Support.

Yes. This is quite often a family affair. However, most often the children are of different developmental stages. Therefore I recommend the Deluxe package, VIP package or Standard Sleep Plan plus support.

#4 - Will a Consultation give me what I need?

If you had sleep success before and got off track – this can be enough.

If your child can do the “falling of falling asleep” successfully and you are in a transition that is throwing sleep off – the Consultation can be enough.

A Consultation can be enough.  But naps quite often need additional support.

After doing the Compassionate Sleep Solution you will no longer need to put your child to sleep.

Your child will learn to do that part of sleep on his/her own… with confidence!

Learning this skill in infancy leads to mastery in toddlerhood.

It is never too late to get great sleep!

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