Self Guided Newborn Sleep Plan


Birth To 6 Months  – $250.00                       Limited time offer – $150.00

The Compassionate Sleep Solution Program for Your Newborn is a self-guided sleep plan rooted in the RIE Educaring Approach® and Regulatory Theory.

This program includes:

💜 4-part PDF guide book that will take you through specific steps and processes to improve your baby’s sleep.

💜 Detailed step-by-step instructions and recommendations for an incremental approach that fits the newborn’s authentic needs.

💜 One Support Call with Eileen.



  • This product is designed to get you off to the right start with your newborn baby.
  • Once you have downloaded your product and read through your 4 part PDF guide, please schedule your support call.
  • Schedule on my FREE 20-minute scheduler. This will block out a 30-minute call for us to discuss your progress.
  • This call can be used in two ways;
  1. To get you started if you have any questions after you read your plan and before you begin.
  2. To ask questions after you start implementing my suggestions.

💜 You will get more out of your support if you read your plan first.

💜Remember, there are many transitions to come and support can be added if needed.