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 Compassionate Sleep Solutions - Baby Sleep Consultant logoOur children are the best learners on this planet. They are learning machines.  

100% of infants and toddlers can learn the skill of falling to sleep and returning to sleep – without a parent fixing that process for them.

  • Infants and toddlers learn everything by the repetition of doing.
  • Your child has learned how to do sleep by the way you are doing sleep with your child.
  • To change sleep in your home you have to change what you are doing.

Here is the deal:

  • Infants and toddlers are not yet able to think about the process OR get stuck in their thoughts and emotions.
  • On the other hand, most grownups previsualize a process by looping between thoughts and emotions.
  • When we are stuck in our thinking and feelings it is very hard to complete a process that requires action.
  • Judging ourselves for being stuck just makes us feel worse.
  • We aren’t doing anything wrong. We are doing what was right for an earlier stage of development that no longer serves us or our child.
  • This is human. When we are tired or exhausted we go for what we want over what we need.
  • When we do this we are more likely to give our child what they want over what they need.
  • We end up with neither what we want OR what we need. In this case – quality sleep.

Here is my specialty:

I get you past your thinking and feeling and into action. The sleep plan identifies the most appropriate actions and timing, so that you can create a more functional sleep scenario for your family.

When you work with me you get ME, not a trainee or associate. When it comes to entrusting sleep solutions with an expert – experience matters and someone teaching their own method matters most.

The Compassionate Sleep Solution has been tested on families, just like yours, for over 16 years and it works – if you work it.

  • I bring order to chaos.
  • I redefine your problem and offer creative solutions.
  • I understand the child’s perspective and bridge the developmental gap with the parent. This is a relationship changer for families.
  • The most unique and realistic approach to crying out there. Ignoring is a form of abuse. “Active listening” strengthens relationships.

Here is what I do for you:

  • I have synthesized ALL of the information you need to regulate sleep.
  • I offer action steps that are doable and repeatable and transform your family’s sleep.
  • Most other methods fail because parents are not prepared.
  • Preparation and including your child in the process is key to reducing the tears and creating a peaceful bedtime.

Identifying your sleep package:

I offer the following sleep packages (details of packages below)
1. VIP
2. Deluxe
3. Standard
4. Sleep Consultation (1 hour)

The following questions will help identify the most appropriate package for your family.

About you:

1. Have you been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, depression or bi-polar?
2. Have you tried another sleep consultant, another sleep program or the cry it out approach and then went back to using sleep crutches?

YES to both 1 and 2 – You will need the support of the VIP or Deluxe.

YES to 1 and NO to 2 – VIP, Deluxe or Standard with added support.

NO to 1 and YES to 2 – Standard

NO to both – answer the following questions about your child

About your child:

3. Does your child go from sleepy to asleep on his/her own without anyone fixing that process by nursing, bouncing, walking, touching or staying with the child?
4. Can your child fall asleep and fall back to sleep (night waking and mid nap) over 50% of the time without your help or without you in the room?

NO to both 3 and 4 – Standard or Deluxe

YES to one or both – Sleep Consultation.

By honestly answering these questions you have taken the first steps towards your solution.

The solutions I offer: The Top 3 Sleep Packages Come With A Customized Sleep Plan

  1. VIP – Three months of support (5 calls and daily email check in support)
  2. Deluxe – One month of support is included (2 calls 3-emails)
  3. Standard – One check in call. Support can be added if needed.
  4. Sleep Consultation – 1 hour phone call, no support, no written sleep plan.

All custom packages (VIP, Deluxe, Standard) come with the following:

  • Assessment of my questionnaire
  • One-hour phone conversation
  • Extensive preparation support
  • Customized step-by-step written sleep plan Supportive articles and research
  • Phone and/or Email support (number depends on package)
  • A process that strengthens the bond
  • My unique cry reduction program

Options that offer less of me and require more of you 

4. Sleep Consultation – A 1 hour discussion can be enough for families who have read my book and are already on their way to success.

5. The Book. Changing sleep by studying my book can work for many families. Click and order!

6. If you have read my book and still not getting the results you want. I recommend the support bundle.

If you are still unsure about the solution that is best for you READ THIS!

Take your next action toward sleep!

  1. After completing this process if you would like to schedule a 15-minute call…
  2. First appointment only – is FREE. 
  3. If you cannot make the call, a 24 hour cancellation is requested.
  4. Click sleeping baby to schedule. 

I look forward to connecting with you.


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