What do I get in my free 20-minute call?

The Agenda for 20-Minute Consultations

  1. A discussion of your child’s current sleep patterns.
  2. What you would like to change.
  3. Your concerns about making changes.
  4. My approach to improving child sleep.
  5. How I would tailor a sleep plan to your needs and goals.
  6. No forms needed for this call.
  • Quick fixes are rarely lasting. This call is to connect and figure out together what the best solution is for your family.
  • Parents who have read my book and want to discuss their situation should book a 30-minute support call or a 1-hour consultation. During our call if you decide to upgrade to a bigger package – your money will go towards the price of that package and you will only pay the difference.  

The  Top Three Plans I Offer Come With the Following
  • Assessment of my questionnaire.
  • The amount of time I spend on your case before our 1-hour conversation and in between support calls. This amount of time varies from case to case. On average this adds up to 2-3 additional hours off line.
  • One-hour phone conversation.
  • Extensive and unique preparation support.
  • Customized step-by-step written sleep plan and supportive research based documents.
  • Personal phone support (number depends on package).
  • A process that strengthens the bond with your child.
  • My unique three part cry reduction and support program.
  • More on our process together – Click HERE!

Take your next action toward sleep!