What solution is right for me?

 Compassionate Sleep Solutions - Baby Sleep Consultant logo This free call is to discover if I am the teacher for you.

To co-create your solution it is important that we are a good fit.

The following is a self-assessment. This information will help me help you.

  • I can’t solve your sleep issue in 20 minutes.
  • Partial solutions and quick fixes rarely last.
  • My preparation takes a few days. This sets your family up for lasting success.
  • Continue what you are doing now until you are ready to commit to a plan or your own process.

The following questions will identify the most appropriate package for your family.

About you:

1. Have you been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, depression or bi-polar?
2. Have you tried another sleep consultant, another sleep program or the cry it out approach and then went back to using sleep crutches?

YES to either or both of these questions, you will benefit from the support that is a part of my top three sleep packages. 

About your child:

3. Does your child go from sleepy to asleep on his/her own without anyone fixing that process by nursing, bouncing, walking, touching or staying with the child?
4. Can your child fall asleep and fall back to sleep (night waking and mid nap) over 50% of the time without your help or without you in the room?

5. Does your child have a developmental delay or any other special circumstance around the birth or development?

NO to both 3 and 4 – Any of my top three packages that include a custom sleep plan and support. 

YES to one or both – Sleep Consultation might be enough. You can add support if needed. 

YES to 5 – We will discuss in our call further before I can make a recommendation. 

By honestly answering these questions you have taken the first steps towards your solution.

The  Top Three Plans I Offer Come With the Following 
  • Assessment of my questionnaire.
  • One-hour phone conversation.
  • Extensive and unique to the Compassionate Sleep Solution preparation support.
  • Customized step-by-step written sleep plan Supportive articles and research.
  • Personal phone support (number depends on package).
  • A process that strengthens the bond.
  • My unique thee part cry reduction program.
  • More on our process together – Click HERE!

Options that offer less of me and require more of you 

4. Sleep Consultation – A 1 hour discussion can be enough for families who have read my book and are already on their way to success. You can always upgrade to a bigger package. 

5. The Book. Changing sleep by studying my book can work for many families. Click and order!

6. If you have read my book and are still not getting the results you want. I recommend the support bundle or a One-Hour Consultation.

If you are still unsure about the solution that is best for you READ THIS!

Take your next action toward sleep!