Sleep and Parenting Solutions

My program is designed for children ages 0-6 years.

If you are outside of the U.S. ~ Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp - see confirmation email.

I have learned through the years that there is no substitute for phone support.

Email, most often, does not provide the results desired.

The #1, #2, and VIP are the only solutions that come with pre-paid follow-up support. Additional support calls can be added if needed! 

Dependable and predictable sleep is a life changer for the entire family!

#1 Sleep Solutions


This plan comes with 3-weeks of one-on-one phone support after you start your plan.

This package also includes:
  • Pre-process analysis of your child’s sleepy history and current tendencies.
  • A one-hour phone consultation – What needs changing and how to implement the changes in your sleep plan.
  • Preparation information before you begin:  Many families see immediate results following this practice alone.
  • Your Customized Sleep Plan – You will receive this in a PDF 24 to 48 hours after our phone consultation.
  • Workbook: Supportive tracking and self-assessment materials.
  • Completion: Staying on course and getting back on course when life takes you off track.

#3 The VIP Solution


This package will change your life, and build your confidence as a parent. Think of me as your personal sleep and behavior coach. You will have daily access to me for three months. I will personally guide you onto the path of sleep-filled nights and parenting ease that will influence your relationship with your child for years to come.

This plan comes with DAILY contact via text or email.

The VIP also includes 3-months of weekly one-on-one phone support.


I will walk you through each phase through daily access to me and weekly phone calls.

Naps alone can take a month to regulate.  Often children transition to fewer naps during the time we work together.

At any developmental stage, this offers maximum support and minimal reading.

This package includes everything the other two packages provide including daily contact to refine and realize solutions. 

  • This plan is great for the following people:
  • Parents who struggle with anxiety or depression.
  • Parents who are healing trauma. I am a trauma-informed practitioner.
  • Single parents.

Additional Services


Is the One Hour enough for me?

  • If you have read my book and are stuck in the process. 
  • If you have already realized success with sleep and are going through a developmental rough patch.
  • This is for sleep OR parenting solutions.
  • No support calls are included in this option.
  • This is a verbal solution. Some written documents may be included depending on my recommendations.
  • Purchasing additional support is always an option.

Returning Clients Needing Help

 30 – minute support call – $85

  • Add-on support is for clients who have previously bought any of my sleep packages or One-Hour Consultation.
  • Email your questions the night before our scheduled call.

Support bundles

4 support calls – $285   |   2 support calls – $145

  • Additional ongoing support for sleep or parenting your toddler.
  • This bundle is helpful for transitions, potty learning, crib to bed, behavioral issues, and more.
  • This might be a good solution if you have read my book, are well versed in the RIE Approach®, and have had some success in sleep but difficulty with consistent results.

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Eileen, you are a miracle worker.
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100% of families can improve sleep when they follow through with Compassionate Sleep Solutions. Crying is the number one reason why parents DON’T tackle sleep issues.

• As you know by now, the no cry sleep solution is a myth – for most babies.
• As you know by now the “cry-it-out” solution is a deal-breaker – for most mommies.

Crying is a reality and yet leaving a baby to cry alone is unnecessary.

My Cry Reduction Toolkit is unlike anything offered by any other sleep consultant.

Who benefits from phone support.

• Difficulty with naps or napping strikes.
• If one or both parents have anxiety depression or mood instability due to stress or diagnosed anxiety/depression.
• If you tried another sleep program and then resorted back to using a sleep crutch to “put your child to sleep.”
• If you used another sleep consultant and did not get the results you wanted.
• If there is still crying after one week of implementing your sleep plan.
• If you have returned to your sleep crutches.
• If you still have not implemented your sleep plan because you are too afraid of how your baby will react.
• If your toddler has decided that naps are not fitting into his play schedule.
• If you are about to transition your toddler out of the crib and into a bed.
• If you transitioned your toddler into a bed and she has become “free ranging” in the middle of the night.
• If your toddler has hijacked the ritual at night and you are ending up in other parts of the house (OR neighborhood), trying to meet one more request, in hopes that this will quell his insatiable appetite, for one more thing, so that he will go the F to sleep.

Being prepared.

• Preparation is key.
• How I prepare parents to prepare the child at any stage of development is unmatched.
• How I coach parents through to reducing the tears is the most unique part of the Compassionate Sleep Solution.

Dealing with the emotions that inspire crying is a life skill.


• Understand the Cry.
• Understand how the cry changes with development.
• Understand how preparation reduces crying.
• Understand how the self-soothing mechanism develops in your baby.
• Understand how self-soothing works with our help.
• Understand how self-soothing (your own self soothing) can affect crying the most.
• Understanding how and when to respond reduces crying.

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