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The Compassionate Sleep Solution: For Your Newborn  

The Compassionate Sleep Solution Program for Your Newborn is a self-guided sleep plan rooted in the RIE Educaring Approach®, Attachment Theory and Regulatory Theory. This program will start you and your baby (0-5 months) on the right path of learning healthy sleep habits that will grow with your child. The program includes:

💜 4-part PDF guide book that will take you through specific steps and processes to improve your baby’s sleep.

💜 One Support Call with Eileen after you implement recommendations.

Through the simple process this sleep plan offers, you will increase your confidence as a parent as you get to know your baby and learn to relax into the first weeks and months of parenthood. Whether you are a first-time parent or a veteran, you have never parented this particular baby. This gentle and respectful method has worked for many families just like yours and is now available in this self-guided sleep plan.

Almost all first-time parents have anxiety around their baby’s sleep. That’s why Eileen Henry, a pioneer among child sleep consultants, created her popular program, Compassionate Sleep Solutions. Compassionate Sleep Solutions is one of the original sleep programs for both babies and young children.

Eileen Henry is a RIE®Associate and has been helping families all over the world for almost two decades find lasting sleep solutions for their children. She has studied extensively in both child development and Attachment Theory. She is trained in Transformational Mediation and helps parents find a common ground in creating lasting family sleep solutions.

Eileen’s instruction, advice, and two decades of experience helping families solve sleep issues is now available in this self-guided, newborn and infant sleep plan.  At your own pace, you will learn the tested and proven process that will support you through this delicate and exhausting stage of infant development.

The Compassionate Sleep Solution:

For Your Newborn Infant (0-5 Months)

Coming Soon!

Compassionate Sleep Solution 

For Your Infant (6 – 12 – Months)

The Self-Guided Sleep Plan will be here soon. If you would like a solution sooner, schedule with Eileen.

Compassionate Sleep Solution 

For Your Toddler (12 months to four years)

The Self-Guided Sleep Plan will be here soon. If you would like a solution sooner, schedule with Eileen.

NEW Programs! - Potty Learning and Toddler Toolkit Now Available

Two NEW Programs: Complete your guide to the toddler years!

The Toddler Toolkit – A creative and fun process of preparing your toddler for any big life change that may inspire strong feelings and these natural qualities of toddlerhood: persistence, resistance and insistence! No more negotiations. This will involve your toddler as an active participant in his/her own solutions.

Compassionate Potty LearningThis is a very delicate stage of development. This program will guide you in a process that is respectful and involves toddlers in their own process and own solutions.