The Compassionate Sleep Process

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100% of infants and toddlers can learn the skill of falling to sleep and returning to sleep – without a parent fixing that process for them.

Here is my specialty:

I get you past your thinking and feeling and into action. The sleep plan identifies the most appropriate actions and timing, so that you can create a more functional sleep scenario for your family.

When you work with me you get ME, not a trainee or associate. When it comes to entrusting sleep solutions with an expert – experience matters and someone teaching their own method matters most.

The Compassionate Sleep Solution has been tested on families, just like yours, for almost two decades and it works – if you work it.

  • I bring order to chaos.
  • I redefine your problem and offer creative solutions.
  • I understand the child’s perspective and bridge the developmental gap with the parent. This is a relationship changer for families.
  • The most unique and realistic approach to crying out there. Ignoring is a form of abuse. “Active listening” strengthens relationships and deepens the bond.

Here is what I do for you:

  • I have synthesized ALL of the information you need to regulate sleep.
  • I offer action steps that are doable and repeatable and transform your family’s sleep.
  • Most other methods fail because parents are not prepared.
  • Preparation and including your child in the process is key to reducing the tears and creating a peaceful bedtime.
  • I offer a whole solution for the whole family.
  • Whole solutions offer lasting results.