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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun, and I say…It’s alright


Good morning,

I am so excited to start my blog.

My hope is to provide information and answer questions that bring ease and peace at the setting of the sun. And when that sun rises, with it rises a sense of relief and joy that the day sleep will contribute to the ease and peace of its setting.

A peaceful bedtime and a predictable night of sleep is not just a dream.

I remember what it was like. The sun would set and I would sob. I knew it would be another restless night of continual wake ups.But at the dawn of each day I would find a seed of hope, “Perhaps tomorrow will be different.”  

When I became willing to work with my son on his innate ability, of learning the developmental skill, of falling asleep and returning to sleep on his own, with my help…sleep changed.

And I stopped sobbing at night and started looking forward to my days.

Now my joy is in watching an 11-year old and 9-year old who takes care around this most basic need of sleep. And each day I get to wake up and help parents all over the world realize this dream.



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