All Babies Need Their Sleep!

Taking Sleep VS. Crashingsleeping kitten

Click the title below for a giggle.

Cute Baby Animals…trying to get their Z’s

Sometimes family and friends send me funny videos similar to the link above of children sleeping.

Youtube is full of such clips of babies and toddlers sleeping in highchairs or toddlers and young children standing next to a couch, slumped over and fast asleep in a standing position.

I know it is supposed to be cute but it saddens me.

Certainly this is not the norm and was just a funny Youtube worthy moment.

The puppies and kittens in this funny video I posted on my Facebook page will grow into cats and dogs who take sleep when they feel sleepy. They will find their beds that we have provided for them and take the sleep they need. And if you have a cat or dog, you know they sleep often and a lot! And they do not need us standing over them holding their paws to do so.

Is your child getting the same high quality and ease of sleep?

The following is the average total sleep time, per 24-hour period that our human babies need at each stage of development.

  • 0-3 months       14-16 1/2
  • 3-9 months       14-15
  • 1 year                 13 3/4 – 14
  • 2 years              12 3/4 – 13
  • 3 years              12-12 1/2
  • 4 years             11 1/2 – 12
  • 5 years             11
  1. Is your child getting enough hours of sleep for her developmental needs?
  2. Is the quality of his sleep compromised by continual interruptions, his need for you to fix his sleep and his desire for you to “put him back to sleep” every time he wakes in the night or during a nap?
  3. Are you exhausted in your efforts to meet these requirements?
  4. Are you getting under the 8 hours of sleep that adults need?
  5. Do you even remember what 8 hours of sleep feels like?

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