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Sleep For The Holidays



Do you know a mom who is suffering from lack of sleep?…

interrupted sleep?…irregular sleep?

Have you been thinking of purchasing a sleep plan but think that perhaps your child will grow out of his/her current sleep issues?

Now is the time to give the gift of sleep to yourself or someone you love.

I have found over the years that the best gift for the self is SLEEP, sweet sleep.

The best gift for someone else is the basic

Compassionate Sleep Solutions 55 minute Consultation.

This package can be enough for families to achieve healthful sleep patterns. The focused sessions begin with the parent identifying the issues they wish to address. I analyze the information, probe for other problems, and provide a plan of action. Although supportive articles are included, the solution is verbal, not a step by step written plan. The phone appointment is 50-minutes and the entire process is approximately two hours. Additional support calls are available if needed.

A family can always upgrade to a more comprehensive plan if they desire OR add support.

My prices will be going up in 2014. As long as you book by the end of December you will qualify for 2013 prices.

 Click here to schedule joy and peaceful sleep!

~ With Love, Compassionate Sleep Solutions ~

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