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Baby and Mommy Animal Sleep

Newborn Sleep Looks Like This

It is the up close sweetness of  those early months. So very yummy! The limbic brained mommy animal (animals who nurse their young) are regulating a lot of systems in their newborn babies. In the following two videos you can see the kitten go into a bit of sleep disruption and the mommy does her mommy thing to help her kitten regulate. Look familiar?

I agree with this mom cat that co-sleeping at this age is essential for this new little brain.

Tell me if you can watch the videos below and not say, Awwww.

At this newborn stage and until our infants are about 5-6 months old many mommy animals, including the mom cat in this video, would just as likely nurse that kitten to sleep.

In the second video the kitten is a bit older and getting close to the age where this mom cat will wean.

As we are encouraging our baby animals to learn the skill of falling asleep on their own I talk to parents about crutch replacement.

The following two baby and mommy animal sleep videos are great examples of crutch replacement.

Video #1 –  mom cat offers a snuggle rather than the breast.

Video #2 – mom cat offers a paw rather than a snuggle.


#1 – Snuggle replacement.

#2 – Paw replacement



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