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Join my FREE introductory RIE Mindful Moments Class

mindful Moments

Free Preview!

When: Friday, October 16th 10-11am
Where: 1556 Greenbriar Boulder, CO 80305
Who: Moms and their 4-9 month old infants

Hurry, space is limited to the first 15 people who sign up!

In the Free Preview I will give you my exclusive,
“Coping With the Cry, 6 Steps to a Stressless Mommy”
Friday Morning Class – 10:00 – 11:00
8-week class starts 10/23/2015
Floor Bound Infants 4-8 months

Join me in my new RIE studio for an informative and delightful class. Mindful Moments will guide you toward a daily routine that inspires more peace, greater joy, and less stress.

The RIE class presents us with a relaxing and peaceful experience. This can be a rare opportunity in our hurried and full lives.

Looking at your child as a competent human is a game changer for every relationship your child will have in their life!

Our goal is an authentic and respectful environment where a child can feel safe, secure, and competent. When we help a child to feel secure and appreciated, we give them the deep sense that someone is interested.

To feel truly seen and heard by the parent influences a child’s
whole personality and the way that child will see life.

Small groups of parents and babies will come together in a relaxing, infant-friendly environment to take pleasure in the infants’ unfolding development and play.

Classes are limited to eight infants and their parents. Whenever possible, infants are grouped according to their stages of motor development.

8 Weeks of Bonding:

  1. The environment – creating a cognitively rich and 100% safe environment that promotes security, learning and the child’s growing autonomy – We go beyond safety!
  2. Unassisted gross motor development – on their own and in their own time – Your child will have fewer injuries later in life!
  3. Predictability and helping the child feel secure – Increase your mommy confidence!
  4. Sensitive Observation: Learning to wait, Reflect, Respect, and Respond – Some things they can solve themselves!
  5. Authentic Infant, Competent Child – Build better adults!
  6. Quality time: Wants something quality time – What we do together!
  7. Quality time: Wants nothing quality time – What they do alone: This will change your life!
  8. Praise or acknowledgement? – Praise junkies are a teacher’s nightmare!

This class changed our lives. With humor and compassion Eileen introduced ideas that changed the way I responded to my children. I became more aware of my girls as capable individuals. The principals of the RIE Approach are profound in both depth and simplicity. It is an experience that every parent should have.                                                                                         ~ Katie and Brian Winthrop

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