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Averi Loring and Lemmon

I am sure like most parents, we came to Eileen in a moment of desperation. Our daughter was 9 months old and waking every hour to two hours in the night to be nursed back to sleep. During the day, I would hold her and bounce on an exercise ball for up to an hour until she’d fall asleep for a 30 to 45 minute nap. I was sleep deprived and hurting physically and mentally. Everything my husband did or didn’t do became a point of contention and looking back, I really just needed some sleep. The Cry It Out technique seemed to be everyone’s go-to solution. I finally tried it and much against every fiber in my maternal being, I let my daughter cry for 2 hours straight. She was still going strong when I went in and nursed her to sleep, feeling totally demoralized and wanting to cry myself.

Then a friend told me about Eileen Henry. I googled her, talked to my husband and decided to give her a try as a last resort. From our first conversation, I knew that we were on the right track. She talked about empowering my daughter to learn how to fall asleep on her own and giving her the confidence from the beginning that she was capable of tackling challenges. She was no nonsense and said our daughter was absolutely capable of learning to fall asleep on her own, but were we capable of letting go? When I saw our sleep plan, I knew I could still be an engaged and empathetic mother in this process. That was huge for me.

The first night she cried for three 20 minute cycles and woke up for one nursing. This was incredible! Even more incredible, the second night she cried for two 20 minute cycles and then fell asleep tillĀ 6am! I felt the heavens had opened. By the third night, she went down without any crying and we all slept soundly till 6am. Then we started working on naps. Within a couple days, my daughter was taking two 2 hour naps during the day and sleeping through the night. We have been on a solid sleeping track ever since. Three months ago I gave birth to a second daughter and from the very beginning we gave space to our infant to continue to fall asleep on her own. We got slightly off track at 2 months but with a little correction and advice from Eileen, she’s sleeping through the night already. We really owe our night time peace to Eileen’s guidance! I’m so grateful for her.

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