KC Guarascio

holy shit! i have to say holy shit! in fact, i remember writing the same damn (have to say that too) thing to you a year ago when you’re amazing kick-ass advice worked!!

one night fucking night..that’s all it took..(well…i should’nt hold my breath..we’re only on night 2) but he got it at bedtime on night 1….i did 2 full rounds of 21 minutes and then he fell asleep during the 3rd round..and then i only heard two tiny peeps from him between 230 and 330 and then he woke up at fucking 6:02 am…just like we practiced in the story…are you fucking kidding me (sorry..i just need to use expletives and i’m sure you can handle it!). i’m blown away!! blown away! there’s so much more to say….but a big fucking THANK YOU tops the list. i especially appreciated how you totally got my anxiety panic place and i absolutely believe doing this work is healing something in me too. it’s revolutionary!!! i want every mama to know this shit!! ok…i need to go to sleep myself but i just had to write you. i imagine anything could happen now….things are always shifting…but i know he can do it..he’s done it..he’s doing it…he can do it again…WOW! i’m sure you know by now that you are a lifesaver and changer in such a big way…i’m so glad i trusted you and followed through.

blessings and love to you – kc (and hawken..and family)