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More Evidence That We Can Relax About Child Sleep

I am a fan of Matt Walker, and although he has been the target of criticism and controversy – he still has great information. I appreciate the criticism and the controversy. Both challenge me and make me think, reassess and reshape my program. The impact of sleep on our health and well-being is significant and indisputable.

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Matthew Paul Walker is an English scientist and professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a public intellectual focused on the subject of sleep. As an academic, Walker has focused on the impact of sleep on human health.

My ex-husband, dear friend, and fabulous father of my children sent me this the other day. He knows my sleep program because he helped me build it when our children were babies. He knows I love a good challenge and, like most humans, also love validation. Dr. Craig Canapari was a Matt Walker podcast guest, and I LOVE his message.

I’ve been teaching child sleep for two decades and approve of this message.


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