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Eileen Henry is a RIE® Associate and one of the first child sleep consultants in the U.S.

She is a pioneer in the sleep consultant industry and has helped families worldwide for over two decades.

Eileen’s sleep program is unique and will transform your parenting experience. Compassionate Sleep Solutions is the only child sleep program based on the RIE® Approach and the science of Attachment Theory and Regulatory Theory. It offers a middle ground in the polarized landscape of sleep solutions. Together, we confront and attend to the realistic likelihood that infants and toddlers will express frustration and disappointment when faced with change.

Every family has different goals for sleep. Eileen’s expertise is in the following:

  1. Assessing if your goal is in line with what your child is capable of at their current stage of development.
  2. Co-creating the optimal physical and emotional environment that promotes peaceful and predictable sleep.
  3. Supporting parents honing their intuition, tuning into their child, and deepening family relationships based on respect and authenticity.

“My goal with each family is to co-create solutions that align with your values and parenting style.

Eileen Henry is a RIE® Associate and founder of Compassionate Sleep Solutions.

Janet Lansbury: Elevating Child Care

Conversations with Janet Lansbury and Eileen Henry, RIE® Associate

Janet is a RIE® colleague, parenting expert, and the author of two books on babies and toddlers. Her podcast is an excellent resource for families. Her soothing, reassuring advice makes you feel as if you really can be a calm, confident parent – even in the face of toddler meltdowns and tantrums. Her thoughtful and respectful solutions create calm in the storm of the early years of parenting.

The Beauty of Sleep

Helping Babies Sleep (With Empathy And Compassion)

Helping Your Baby Learn to Sleep

Baby’s “No Cry” Sleep Is Exhausting

When Sleep Isn’t Working

Changing Toddler Sleep Habits

A Toddler’s Night Waking – A Mother’s Anger, Guilt, Confusion

The basics of creating an ideal sleep environment

A conversation with Dr. Sarah Bren and Eileen Henry, RIE® Associate

When it comes to helping our children with sleeping, the goal is to make them feel confident and capable of independently falling asleep and then falling back asleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. Sounds simple enough, but how do we as parents help our children build that skillset?

Toddler Sleep: Why its Different than Infant Sleep

A conversation with Dr. Sarah Bren and Eileen Henry, RIE® Associate

When it comes to childhood development, sleep is not a linear process. It’s normal for young children to have ups and downs, regressions, and growth spurts with their sleep.

Channel 7 News Interview

Eileen’s take on new SIDS recommendation:

Sleep specialists respond to the AAP’s recent announcement that infants should roomshare with parents for a full year. For more data and information on these topics please visit my blog posts.

Is Your Baby At Risk?
Does the New Recommendation Apply To You?

Compassionate Sleep Solution – Four part video

Learn more about my sleep program and process of getting your family the healthy and dependable sleep you deserve.

1) Introduction to Compassionate Sleep Solutions
2) Struggle and Development
3) Struggle versus Suffering
4) The Sleep Plan

“The Shut-Eye Saint” Denver’s Channel 7 News

“If one Boulder baby sleep seminar is any sign, more and more new parents are seeking salvation. Moms packed into The Parenting Place to get advice from the shut-eye saint.”

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