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Compassionate Potty Learning - $475

Your Toddler's Transition to the Toilet

This transition out of diapers is a delicate stage of development for your toddler. The traditional idea of “potty training” can present challenges impacting your child’s behavior and physical and emotional well-being. And this can lead to other issues that reach far past toddlerhood.

It is normal for a toddler to push limits and test the boundaries. Potty learning is the one area that we do not want the child to take control on their terms. Therefore, this is best handled with significant consideration and care.

My Compassionate Potty Learning Package offers a gentle, respectful guide and practical solutions.

  • Understand this stage of development.
  • Understand the difference between “training” your toddler and “gently guiding” him with respect.
  • Understand signs of both physical and emotional readiness.
  • Understand the downside of pushing the toilet issue.
  • Understand developmentally typical behavior.
  • Understand how to be the most supportive.
  • Understand if your toddler is ready to move forward.
  • Understand how to involve your child in this delicate process.

What Comes With This Package

My book – Potty Learning with Compassion and Respect

An easy to follow PDF book that prepares you in guiding your toddler through the stages of readiness to mastery.

30-minute support call #1

I will personally answer any questions you have about the process I teach and signs of increasing readiness or resistance in your toddler.

30-minute support call #2

This support call is to see you and your child through to potty mastery.

Support to be used within a month of purchase.

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