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Compassionate Sleep Solutions - (4 weeks - 4 months)

Getting Off To The Right Start with Your Newborn - $650

Almost all first-time parents have anxiety about their baby’s sleep. This plan aims to increase your confidence as you get to know your baby in these first weeks and months of parenthood. Whether a first-time parent or a veteran, you have never parented this particular baby.

The newborn stage is the most vulnerable stage of human life, and we want to handle this with great care. My newborn sleep plan is rooted in the RIE® Educaring Approach, Attachment Theory, and Regulatory Theory. I will guide you through the gentle, incremental steps of getting off to the right start with healthy sleep habits. My program will start you and your baby (8-16 weeks) on the right path of learning healthy sleep habits that will grow with your child.

  • Understand this delicate stage of development and what influences peaceful sleep.
  • Understand your baby’s authentic food needs and how that affects sleep.
  • Understand your role as your baby’s regulatory system.
  • Understand how to discern what your baby is ready to learn regarding sleep.

What Comes With This Package

My book - The Compassionate Sleep Solution for your Newborn.

This will guide you through specific steps and processes to improve your newborn baby’s sleep.

My Cry Reduction Toolkit:

Understanding your baby’s developing self-soothing mechanism and nervous system.

(4) 30-minute support calls *

Support calls will guide you through this gentle and incremental approach and monitor your and your child’s progress.

*Support to be used within two months of purchase.

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