Top Questions

#1: Crying

  1. Cry it out  is unnecessary and unacceptable to most parents. this is a highly responsive and connected approach. It does not matter how many times we go in to offer support and reassurance – it is WHAT they do when they get there. I offer skills for WHEN to go and WHAT to do!
  2. I teach you about the “self soothing mechanism” in your baby’s brain and how to identify your child’s ability to “self soothe” at every stage of development.

#2- Current Sleep Issues/Problems

#3 Do I need a full and customized Sleep Plan?

#4 - Will a One Hour Consultation give me what I need?

After doing the Compassionate Sleep Solution you will no longer need to put your child to sleep.

Your child will learn to do that part of sleep on his/her own with confidence!

Learning this skill in infancy leads to mastery in toddlerhood.

It is never too late to get great sleep!

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