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The following steps must be completed before you schedule your free call

All of my packages are collaborative, and this process ensures that you get the most out of our time together. 

Note to out-of-U.S. clients: I work with families all over the world. However, I realize the exchange rate makes my packages unaffordable for some families. If this is your case, please read my book. (LINK) If you still need help after reading my book, please submit the Q&A and email me. I will email you my assessment and let you know what package will best suit your needs.  If you want to move forward, we will schedule a free 20-minute call. 

Sleep Clients

My Approach is not a traditional “sleep training” or “CIO” approach. You now have many choices in sleep consultants. What I offer is a uniquely customized approach that is less about the clock, schedules, wake windows, and fixing sleep (classic “sleep training”) and more about relationship, attunement, and co-regulation in the context of the family system in this dynamic stage of human development (learning a life skill, over time, that evolves into a habit of self-care.) 

I have learned that most of you intend to follow these steps. I understand entirely since forgetting is a symptom of sleep deprivation. However, I can no longer hold free slots if I do not receive the Q&A 48 hours before our call. This gives me time to fill spots from my waiting list. 

Please ensure your confirmation and reminder emails do not go into spam. 

  1. Step one –  Read this link first.  
  2. Step two: Fill out and submit the Google form at the bottom of Step One. This will take you to my scheduler, where you can schedule your free 20-minute consultation.  
  3. If you have accessed my scheduler through another method, please complete steps one and two before you schedule.   

Compassionate Potty and Compassionate Parenting Clients

  1. For inquiries about Potty Learning or General parenting, please email the three main concerns/questions you want to discuss on this call.

Policies for this call:

If I do not receive your form 48 hours before our appointment, I will send you a cancellation, and unfortunately, you will forfeit your spot.

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