Parenting Solutions from Birth to Seven Years

creative solutions ♥︎ simple solutions ♥︎ unconventional problem solving and conflict resolutions ♥︎ choices that empower every member of the family ♥︎ expanding your parenting options ♥︎ harmony and balance ♥︎ deepening connections ♥︎ increasing playful fun ♥︎ understanding ♥︎ no judgment ♥︎ offering a co-creative process ♥︎

After we achieve quality sleep, then comes the rest of our parenting life.

Parenting our child.

Re-parenting ourselves.

NOT parenting our partners.

I offer solutions for all of the above.

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Children are mostly living in the here and now. As we are planning for their future, a future we cannot know, they are growing and changing right in front of us.