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Sleep Solutions Ages 0-5 Years

A Transformative Experience

My solutions are unique and will transform your experience with sleep and common behavioral issues in the early years of development.

During the first three years of life, our children experience constant change and growth. How we respond and support our little ones will build a resilient nervous system, deepen our bond, and lay the foundation for healthy habits.

You can meet your child’s authentic needs and get the sleep that ensures family well-being.

Crying is generally the number one concern of parents – as it should be.  I teach a co-regulatory method that calms the cry and supports a healthy developing nervous system.

We want to ensure your child feels safe and secure while learning new habits.

Quality sleep can only happen in a relaxed and regulated nervous system.

SLEEP SOLUTIONS - Ages 0-5 Years

The reality of sleep in the early years of family life

  • Early family life is an entropic system. Quality sleep can happen within the context of this dynamic and emergent system called early development.
  • It is never too late for your child to learn a new sleep habit. However, it can be too early. I can help you figure out the best time to begin.
  • Focusing on healthy sleep habits is a loving act. Quality sleep is at the foundation of self-care and self-love.
  • Mine is a multi-faceted approach because there is rarely one answer to questions concerning sleep in the early years of development.
  • I teach a process that involves sensitive observation, attunement, and co-regulation.
  • We follow what we focus on. My solutions support progress and increasing capabilities rather than avoiding regressions.
  • Preparation is key. I will prepare you to prepare your child.
  • Your child can be involved in their solution at every stage of development.
  • One-on-one support bolsters your confident momentum through the inevitable changes to come.

If you are ready to make changes now - then it is time to schedule!

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