The Compassionate Sleep Process

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100% of infants and toddlers can learn the skill of falling to sleep and returning to sleep – without a parent fixing that process for them.

Your child can learn to sleep AND feel safe and secure! 

Here is my specialty:

I get you past thinking and feeling and into action. The sleep plan identifies the most appropriate actions and timing, so that you can create a more functional sleep scenario for your family.

When it comes to entrusting sleep solutions with an expert – experience matters. Someone teaching their own method, with almost two decades of an amazing track record, matters most.

The Compassionate Sleep Solution has been tested on families, just like yours, for over 18-years and the results are extraordinary.

  • I bring order to chaos and restore peace in your home.
  • I redefine your problem and offer creative solutions.
  • I understand the child’s perspective and bridge the developmental gap with the parent. This is a relationship changer for families.
  • The most unique and realistic approach to crying out there. Active listening and consistent mirroring of the child’s experience strengthens relationships and deepens the bond.
  • I teach tools that can help parents self-regulate and alleviate some of the fear around making changes that can inspire tears and the natural resistance from the child when changing habits.
  • The preparation that involves your child in their process is beyond compare. This is specific to your child’s developmental stage and and interests.

Here is what I do for you:

  • I have synthesized ALL of the information you need to regulate sleep.
  • I offer action steps that are doable, repeatable and transform your family’s sleep.
  • Most other methods fail because parents are not prepared.
  • Preparation and including your child in the process is key to reducing the tears and creating a peaceful bedtime.
  • I offer a whole solution for the whole family.
  • Whole solutions offer lasting results.
  • I set you up for continued success. Life happens and we all get off track. Understanding how to get back on track keeps your plan working for you going forward – for years!