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For Your Toddler - $375

The Wonderful 2's 3's and 4's

Get ready to embrace the paradox of this stage of development and the larger paradox of parenting. This is where “both/and” thinking, instead of “black and white” thinking, will be most beneficial.

Toddlers are often misunderstood. In some ways, we expect too much from them; in many ways, we expect too little. They are grappling with conflicting needs and feelings for the first time that grownups struggle with throughout our lives. They are just more expressive and authentic about it. I respect that. And toddlers respond to respect. Toddler solutions are in our responsiveness – not in our reactiveness. And yet some of their behavior inspires a natural reaction of – Seriously? WTF?

More profound clarity and understanding are revealed when we shift our dismay towards meeting the toddler in his/her perspective. They have every right to all of their feelings.

This customized toolkit is a creative and enjoyable process of preparing your toddler for any significant life change that may trigger strong feelings or resistance. 

I offer collaborative tools for the following…

  • tantrums and meltdowns
  • boundaries and limit setting
  • nightmares
  • separation, ambivalence, and anxiety
  • transition to preschool
  • new sibling
  • room sharing
  • loss and grief
  • divorce and separation

How we engage with them now prepares our toddlers for how they will engage with us in their tweens and teens.

What Comes With This Package

My toddler toolkit will engage your child’s creativity and curiosity. When a child feels prepared and knows what to expect, they can relax and participate in their care. Given the dignity to experience and express their feelings within the loving container of strong boundaries, they internalize “embodied boundaries.”

My Customized Toddler Toolkit

We will address any issue you have with your 2-4 year old. Ushering your toddler through this phase with strong leadership and deep compassion helps the child integrate this stage of development into the next phase of early childhood.

Written Instructions and Supportive Documents.

(2) 30-minute support calls*

Support calls will guide you through the process and monitor your and your child’s progress. Confident leadership is most often what their behavior is begging for.

*Support is to be used within a month of purchase.

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